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Wedding Announcement

Mrs. Marie C. Petitpain announces the marriage of her daughter Marion to Mr. Philip Maack Hart on Friday, the twenty eight of May one thousand nine hundred and twenty six Brooklyn, New York

Passenger Record 1923

Marion A. Petitpain - US Citizen - September 28, 1923 Age: 28 Gender F Marital Status: S ship Esperanza, Veracruz, Mexico

New York & Cuba sons Shipbuilders ESPERANZA

Built by William Cramp & Sons Shipbuilders, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1901. 4,702 gross tons; 341 (bp) feet long; 47 feet wide. Steam triple expansion engines, twin screw. Service speed 16 knots. 194 passengers (86 first class, 60 second class, 48 third class).Two masts and two funnels. Built for New York & Cuba Mail Steamship Co., in 1901 and named Esperanza. New York-Cuba via Ward Line service. Lost by stranding off Mexico during January of 1923.

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