Scrapbook Page for William Renfro

"RENFRO, William. 1734 - 1830. No dates. (Name scratched in the top of large box tomb beside tomb of Jane below. A veteran of the Revolutionary War. (Box tomb.) Others believe that the box tomb had an inscription at one time. I will get in trouble for this statement but I believe it was never inscribed. Not to inscribe a tomb was a common practice in 1830. The stone just looks too solid and square for the inscription to have been worn or peeled away. We do however have an attempt by one of the descendants to fashion the name in the stone. We can be thankful for the Renfro family who maintained and passed it down from one generation to another that this is in fact the tomb of William Renfro. In that case I must also say thanks to the Renfro descendants that kept up with this cemetery and preserved its history though they may not have been able to restore the cemetery." Photo and information by Wayne Austin, who also deserves our thanks. picture